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Troop 192

Our Troop is located in Tell City, Indiana. Tell City is situated on the Ohio River between Evansville, Ind. and Louisville, Ky. We are sponsored by St. Paul's Catholic Church, though we welcome scouts of all faiths. We are 30 Scouts strong and several Scout Leaders. There are 2 Patrols in our Troop. We have several fundraisers during the year. Along with our big popcorn fundraiser, we also have a fish fry dinner, and help out several organizations in the city on their picnics and fairs. These fundraisers we take on throughout the year make it possible for us to go on our camping trips, hikes, buy our merit badges, and just help us to be better persons. To learn more about the beautiful city where we live, visit http://www.tellcityindiana.com/.

A Brief History of Troop 192
Boy Scout Troop 2 (later renamed 192)was formed in 1930. The Troop's first sponsor was Catholic Knights of America Branch 557. Jerome Richards was the first Scoutmaster. He remained active in Scouts throughout his life. Fred Evrard was the Scoutmaster for many years in the 1940's. There were 32 boys in the Troop with 4 Patrols. They were the Flying Eagles, Wolfs, Flying Arrows, and Crows. Their first Charter was received from the BSA headquarters on Oct 1,1930. The agenda for each meeting included the Pledge, prayer,reading of the minutes of last meeting, Oath, Law. The meeting proper followed by entertainment and adjournment. Troop colors were purple and gold. After some of the Scouts turned 18, they organized the Sea Scouts. They restored a boat that ferried people back and forth the Ohio River on the weekends.